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Think Water, think life!

Conserving it not only means groundwater resources for our future generations but also reduced risk of flooding and better irrigation systems. Traditional rainwater harvesting techniques have been doing this for ages and there's plenty to learn from them. Here are a few: Kuhls - Diversion channels which have carried water from glaciers to villages in the Spiti area of Himachal Pradesh for a long time. Where the terrain is muddy, these are lined with rocks to keep it from becoming clogged. Kuis - Kachcha structures (10-12 m) dug near tanks dug near tanks to collect seepage; usually covered with planks of wood. Mouth of the pit is narrow and gets wider as it goes deeper. These can also be used to harvest rainwater in areas with meagre rainfall. Found in Bikaner and Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Ahar Pynes - Indigenous to south Bihar, this irrigation system leverages the natural marked slope of the terrain. It is embanked on the remaining three sides. Pynes are diversion channels made to ut