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The Five FAQs - Urban Floods

1.        What is an Urban Flood? Flood is an overflow of a large body of water over areas not usually inundated. Urban flooding is intense and/or prolonged rainfall, which overwhelms the capacity of the drainage system. 2.        How are Urban Floods different from Rural Floods? Unlike Rural Floods, flooding in urban areas is more intense and quick – because of density of population and lesser space for water to flow. 3.        What factors cause Urban Floods? ·          Meteorological Factors such as Heavy Rainfall, Cyclonic Storms, etc. ·          Hydrological Factors such as occurrence of high tides; ·          Anthropogenic Factors such as Unplanned urbanization, Poor waste management system, Ill maintenance of drainage systems, etc. 4.        What are the impacts of Urban Flooding? ·          Loss of Human lives; ·          Loss of livelihoods; ·          Loss of pets and animals; ·          Increased risk of Disease outbreak because of contam