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Coronavirus #COVID-19
The risk of Coronavirus infection is spreading across the globe, including India. Even as we write this, global media are reporting new confirmed cases. As on date, there are 31 confirmed cases in India. 
The Government of India and the State Governments are working together to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection. All necessary measures are being taken to prevent the spread of this Virus that was first identified in Hubei Province, China, and is spreading from person-to-person.
Universal medical screening of international passengers irrespective of nationality has been mandated since March 4, 2020. Adequate screening measures have been set up at 30 airports as of today. Screening is also being done at seaports and land crossings.
Without your support, all the work will go in vain. Take these simple yet effective measures to reduce the risk of its infection:
1. Say Namaste, avoid shaking hands, hugging, kissing, etc.  2. Maintain a safe dista…
First National Conference on Coastal DRR and Resilience
The first-level national-level conference on Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (CDRR&R) – 2020 was organised by NIDM on February 25, 2020, in New Delhi. The conference was organised in a run-up to the NPDRR ) scheduled to be held in May 2020. The conference aimed to enhance the understanding of issues and solutions for coastal DRR and resilience. It also emphasised on dissemination of information related to national and local strategies for coastal DRR as well as to develop a roadmap for addressing the gaps by engaging with all stakeholders. The conference also highlighted the environmental and emerging issues in context with urbanisation, development sustenance and climate change. Of India's 7,500 km coastline, almost 5,700 km are highly vulnerable to the impacts of tropical cyclones and related hydro-meteorological hazards and consequently to recurrent loss of lives and properties. About 40 per cent of our pop…