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Interview: Manu Gupta on School Safety A safe school is key to safe children. It is upon each one of us to ensure that our children are safe. Aapda Samvaad spoke with Dr. Manu Gupta, who is the co-founder and executive director of SEEDS, a non-profit organization working in disaster risk reduction in Asia, to understand issues related to school safety. Q. How do we know a safe school from an unsafe one? A. Viewed from the eyes of parents/guardians, a ‘safe school’ would be one where they feel their kids are being taken care of and are safe from harm, from the point they leave their homes for schools until their return. In terms of scope, the concept of ‘safety’ would encompass not just the risk of natural hazards, but also fires, threats from the immediate external settings, to on-campus violence and abuse. Q. How do we integrate DRR education into the school curriculum so that the emphasis shifts to the understanding of risks and safety as a life skill?  A. Rote