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RAISING THE BAR Santosh Kumar Srivastava & Amit Kumar Singh  ( Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra) Raised hand pumps in flood-prone districts of Uttar Pradesh ensure clean drinking water supply even during floods In Uttar Pradesh, about 4,50,000 people in 209 villages along the Ghaghara River in Bahraich district are affected by annual flooding. Ironically, the biggest problem people faced during floods is the lack of that one thing which has otherwise a bountiful presence near them - Water. Hand pumps in the affected areas would get submerged severing the only source of clean drinking water for the affected population. During a routine field survey, interaction with locals threw at us a simple but transformational idea - "Why can't we raise our hand pumps just as the flood water rises high?" This set us thinking. Villagers had offered a solution; it just needed to be translated into reality. The locations were chosen with consensus - near community-owne